Olga Jushenko Defloration

DeflorationOlga Jushenko is one of the most romantic virgins I have ever met. This babe furnished her flat to underline her love to romance. You will see red bed-clothes, soft pillows and carpets on which you can lie down and masturbate, just like Olga Jushenko does in front of the cameras. This nasty virgin rogue tries to keep her romantic reputation alive, but her real nature comes to light. Luckily for us Olga Jushenko knows how to use this situation to her own pleasure and surely for our satisfaction as well. The wild thing starts the action wearing sexy lingerie only, she plays with her panties, lowers them till she is ready to take them off; after Olga Jushenko plays with her shaved pussy and pink clitoris for some time, she is ready to take her bra off as well and caress her ripe teen tits and nipples. After her own sex hunger is satisfied Olga Jushenko poses for some lustful nude pictures.

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